Step 1 Questions

At this juncture I hope you are thinking about ways to establish or re-establish your relationship with God. To have a relationship with the God of your understanding you do not have to claim, commit to or affiliate with any particular religion or religious sect. Below are some prompts to help you think through the questions and/or write answers to them.  Thinking about a question is good, but physically writing something out requires a deeper level of thought and understanding.  It also serves as a visual reminder of where you were at a particular point in life.  Being able to look back and see where I was in life and how God helped me grow strengthens my relationship with Him.  These questions aren’t meant to be answered in one sitting, so please allot enough time to create thorough responses.  If you need to come back to them, please do so, but don’t rush the process.  Taking the time to go through the process allows you to make a breakthrough and move toward the relationship you desire.


What commitments have you made in the past with God when He delivered on His end but you didn’t?

Have you still been able to go to God even when you didn’t follow through on that commitment?  If so, how does that make you feel? Unconditionally loved? Blessed?  Have you taken His love for granted?

If you haven’t been able to go back to God, why not?

What has God done to prove you can trust Him?

What have you done to prove to God He can trust you?


Do you feel you don’t deserve to be loved by God because of something you have done or have failed to do? Do you feel guilty and what is the source of the guilt?

Have you been told or read somewhere that God won’t forgive you?  Do you believe God won’t forgive you?  Why?

What kind of relationship is that?  Is it a spiritual relationship?

Are your beliefs about what you consider to be a sin based on what someone has told you or on what God has told you?

Have you asked God for discernment on what you have read regarding sin? Are you aware of the context, meaning, and origin of that particular text?


What is the most painful thing you have experienced?

Be honest with yourself: have you really gotten over it?

If you have gone through it, how or what did you do to get through it?  If you haven’t, what are you doing or not doing to cope?

Do you feel your addiction has reached a point at which there is nothing you or God can do to break the cycle?  If so, why? (The fact that you are alive means you have another opportunity to get it right!)


How do you define happiness versus joy?

What is the happiest moment in your life? Who was there and where are they now?

Have you ever felt joy (calmness or a sense of peace) in the middle of a difficult situation(s)?

If so, what did that joy feel like?  What and where were you during that moment(s) of peace?


What are some things God has done for you that you or anyone else couldn’t do for yourself?

Where do you experience God?

When do you experience God?

What do you do to strengthen your relationship with God?

Have you found your God-given purpose(s)? What is it?

If you haven’t found your purpose, are you pursuing positive things that you are passionate about?

What gifts, talents or abilities do people who love you unconditionally say you possess?

What are you doing on a daily basis to fulfill and/or pursue your God-given purpose?


Which of your mistake(s) do you believe are too great for God to forgive?  Why?

What mistakes have you not forgiven yourself for? Why?

Who haven’t you forgiven? Why?

What would happen if you chose to forgive him or her?

Whom do you need to ask forgiveness of? What has stopped you from asking?