Final-4steps-cover(low res)The 4 STEPS Guide

by A. D. Burks


Are you or someone you know struggling with food, drugs and/or an alcohol addiction(s)?

By working The 4 STEPS, you will gain a deeper acceptance of yourself and more peace in your life. Readers will better understand themselves and their addiction; realize that their addiction is based in pain; and determine what triggers them to act out. Author A.D. Burks developed the 4 STEPS through his own recovery and research that involved countless hours of speaking to others about their addictions through workshops and presentations.

Burks states, “At the root of any addiction is pain (ADDICTION = PAIN) whether it is an addiction to anger, sex, work, gambling or other issues. The root of the pain may be unresolved childhood trauma, or internalized standards from society that cause a negative sense of self-worth. Societal standards can be religious upbringing, pressure to attain a certain level of financial success, or needing to be physically attractive. When people spend countless hours aspiring to these standards the result is unbearable pain. How then do individuals deal with the pain? They turn to the addiction of their choice or the addiction of their upbringing.”

In The 4 STEPS: A Practical Guide to Breaking the Addictive Cycle, A.D. Burks shares how he worked each step and provides a working format through questions to help readers utilize The 4 STEPS for themselves. Burks feels that STEP 1: Re/Establish Your Relationship with God is the most crucial of all the STEPS. Without a relationship to a God of our own understanding no recovery is possible. www.the4stepsguide.com

Praise for The 4 STEPS Guide

“A.D. Burks The 4 STEPS provide a practical beginning point for any person dealing with addiction. If anyone takes this process seriously, that person will be on a path toward wholeness and health.”
Terry Thompson, retired Methodist minister, Houston, TX

“With wisdom gained from experience A.D. can help ministers, teachers, and anyone who is willing to learn. His lessons are his ministry. The 4 STEPS: work well as a self-guided book.”
Belinda Anderson, Community Volunteer Coordinator, Houston, TX

“I highly recommend The 4 STEPS to anyone who is battling with addiction or who has a family member who is battling with addiction. These STEPS provide insight, empathy and scriptural guidance that are true blessings in helping everyone to heal. A must-read for everyone from all walks of life.”
Allyson Ward Neal, Author and Professional Communicator, Houston, TX